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Organic reach across the major social networks is in rapid decline. The reality is that in a crowded and noisy marketplace, the content you have invested time, effort and money in creating will not reach your target audience via organic methods alone.

Social networks are now giving the advantage to paid content and as a result, social media advertising forms a critical part of any content marketing strategy.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all rolled out high performing ad products that allow brands to unlock the value of customer data and insights. These products are growing in both number and sophistication every day.

We help our clients to leverage 1st party data (email addresses, website visits, CRM database) and 3rd party data (demographic, psychographic, behavioural) to build leaner, more efficient campaigns.

Employing an intelligent data-led approach means that we deliver content that is relevant and visible to the audiences that matter to you most; minimising media spend wastage and improving return on investment.

What to expect from us

Audience Segments
Audience Segments

We’ll help to unlock the value of your existing audience knowledge, insight and data.

This could include learnings from brand social communities, market research studies, persona profiles or CRM data.

Audience demographics, interests and behaviours are all valuable in building informed audience segments, which enable better optimisation and more targeted, efficient spend.

Programmatic Approach
Programmatic Approach

We take a data-led approach to broadening audiences and refining activities to achieve intelligent advertising at scale.

We do this by tapping into the huge audience base of the largest social networks and using features like custom and lookalike audiences, website retargeting and mobile first ad products.

Our approach helps you to identify ‘where’ and ‘when’ to target new and existing customers along the purchasing journey with agile, objective driven campaigns.

Objectives Based Measurement
Objectives Based Measurement

Establishing how platform measures can be tracked through to outcomes that are valuable to your organisation is critical to the success of any paid social activity.

We provide a tailored set of measures that can be used in real-time to indicate how well campaigns or pieces of content are performing in terms of reaching, engaging and influencing your audience.

We also help you to identify and implement the most effective methods for going beyond simple campaign health indicators and connecting activity to more fundamental business objectives like conversion lift and brand awareness.


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