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Putting your content marketing front and centre

Brands that have made a strategic decision to put content at the very heart of their marketing communications plan for a constant stream of content across all channels to keep them relevant and visible to their target audience.

They have a clear understanding of how their customers have taken control of the buying processes and therefore know how to put content to work throughout the customer lifecycle; from  customer acquisition through to retention programmes.

They’ve broken down the walls between advertising, DM, PR, shopper, experiential and digital. Adopting the paid, owned and earned media approach, considering the role each plays in content publishing and promotion. 

They know that being relevant means getting to know their audience so well that they can commit to creating content that is truly valuable and timely.

They put in meaningful measurement for their content publishing plans and strive to tie everything back to a return on marketing investment.

What to expect from us

Whilst every client requirement is unique the activities below will give you a feel for our approach to a typical content strategy brief.

Design Customer Journey
Design Customer Journey

We’ll start by designing your brand’s customer journey framework.

To do this we’ll want to get to know your customers really, really well. If you already have audience personas great, if not, don’t worry we can help create these for you.

Brands with discrete target audiences may want to consider designing different frameworks for different personas.

The framework will identify every relationship stage people have with your brand. Typically this will follow your customer acquisition funnel and retention programme.

We’ll use search signals, social media monitoring and user research to build up a clear picture of people's needs, motivations and thought process at each stage of the journey.

Content Audit
Content Audit

With the customer journey framework completed we’ll get to work auditing your existing and/or planned content.

This will involve performing a gap analysis, capturing all content (existing and planned) across paid, owned, borrowed and networked media activities, and then mapping it out across the entire customer journey framework in line with the content’s primary communication objective.

The result is a bird's-eye view of how well the existing content is meeting the audience’s needs and a backdrop from which to start your content planning.

Content Planning
Content Planning

Content planning against the customer journey has a number of benefits:

  • Ensures a balanced investment across the consumer journey
  • Provides balance between brand and product messaging
  • Creates content which will  support Google’s search algorithm
  • Helps define the call-to-action for all content
  • Identifies programmatic advertising opportunities
  • Gives focus to earned media and advocacy opportunities
  • Identifies content curation and UGC opportunities


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