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We’re all hard-wired for stories, they transport us directly into the action, spark emotional responses and often provide the fastest route to understanding and empathy. So, it’s not surprising that brand storytelling has been an effective part of the marketing toolkit since the Mad Men days.

Brands are realising that if they want to engage modern, sophisticated consumers they need to do more than just talk about how great their products are. Instead, if they want to present themselves as more human and relevant, then creating advertising or content that tells stories is a great way to do this.

And people certainly want to hear stories from brands. Our research into brand storytelling showed that after promotional based content, stories are most likely to make people interested in a brand, and 55% of people would consider buying the brand in the future if they really loved a story.

Storytelling can help drive sales

Excerpt from our research into brand storytelling

We can all recall advertising-inspired characters such as the OXO family or the Nescafé couple. These are stories around products – very common in sectors like FMCG where the brand advertising provides a thin veneer of fiction to advertise what we can buy. There’s a focus on simple entertainment (e.g. the Meerkats) and they can benefit brands where the product is really all they have to talk about.

However, the approach to brand storytelling is changing; our research revealed that today’s consumers prefer stories about real people and real events. The story’s protagonist can be the organisation's founder or employees, although stories about a brand’s customers and everyday folk are by far the most popular.

This represents a huge opportunity for brands. By bringing their cause, values, positioning and product benefits to life, through the emotional stories of real people, there are real commercial benefits to be gained.

What to expect from us

Well it’s pretty simple really. We’ll work with you to firm up a brief, getting under the skin of your target audience, identifying how a brand storytelling piece of content will help you meet your current objectives and how we’ll measure success.

Then our script writers will get to work coming up with story ideas and narratives together with thoughts on executional treatments to bring the story to life. Typically the execution will be a series of videos or long form editorial pieces.  You’ll choose the narrative and we’ll get cracking on production, sourcing the best talent to bring the final story to life.

I Am the Coast

A series of videos featuring romantic views of the UK coastline.

A powerful, lyrical narrator's voice (think Patrick Stewart or Judi Dench) tells us that he/she remembers us...

"How you scrambled upon my shoulders"
(we see people climbing or hiking upon seaside cliffs),

"How you've sailed along my side" 
(shots of sailing ships both old and new),

“How you have sometimes neglected and bruised me"
(shots of old, industrial factories),

and "bathed me in your blood"
(scenes of wars, both ancient and modern).

"But you have also honoured and respected me" 
(shots of children playing on the beach, coastal ecology teams repairing offshore geographic features & then shots of families opening the doors to a seaside cottage to take in the views).

"I know you. I've known you since before you can remember. And I'm in your own backyard." 

"I am...the Coast."

Example brand storytelling script.