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Why should you advertise on Facebook?

| 17 April 2015

Facebook advertising is a growing advertising platform, and as user behaviour online continues to change, it’s not one you can afford to ignore anymore.

At the moment it’s something many businesses aren’t prioritising because it seems like a ‘nice to have’ rather than an essential, but it’s the businesses who embrace Facebook ads now which are going to be the winners in the long term when Facebook ads become a ‘must have’ in order to stay competitive with your digital marketing strategy.

Do you think you can ‘take it or leave it’ when it comes to Facebook ads? You’re wrong, and here’s why:

Costs are increasing on more established PPC platforms

Whilst AdWords PPC works extremely well, it can be very costly. With AdWords CPCs at an all time high in established markets, it’s time to start diversifying your biddable media traffic sources in order to remain competitive and cost effective.












By supplementing your PPC activity with Facebook advertising, you can gather relevant traffic at a much lower cost.

The conversion rates of Facebook Advertising may not be quite as high as those often seen with AdWords, but because the costs behind Facebook ads are much lower, the conversions it does generate are extremely cost effective.

Mobile internet usage is the biggest it’s ever been, but the PPC ad inventory on them is limited

It’s nothing new that mobile internet usage is eclipsing desktop usage and continues to grow stronger all the time:














This stat becomes concerning when you realise that 50% of searches in 2015 will come from mobile, and that the advertising real estate on mobile devices is much smaller than that of desktop, with only two ad spaces in Google search:

















This makes for an even more competitive mobile search advertising landscape, which naturally leads to further inflated CPCs.

Facebook advertising is the ideal solution to expand your mobile advertising reach whilst avoiding battling it out for those two Google search ad spaces. Facebook has 745 million mobile daily active users so the potential reach via Facebook mobile is something that you can seriously use to your advantage as consumers continue to favour mobile over desktop for their internet usage.

Apps Are Taking Up More of Users Time than Ever Before

Alongside this, mobile app usage is providing another fast growing option for users accessing the internet via their mobiles. If consumers are spending more time on apps, they will naturally spend less time on other platforms such as desktop and even mobile search, so you must change the way you target them if you’re going to stay effective.










Embrace this change by showing ads on the Facebook Audience Network, where you can use Facebook’s powerful audience targeting to show link ads to users as they use other apps which are part of the network.

Many ad platforms are moving towards ‘People Targeting’

It seems like there are daily changes in the PPC industry, with a clear trend amongst the latest features and functionalities being a shift towards ‘people targeting’ rather than simple keyword targeting.

We’ve seen AdWords introduce many ‘people targeting’ methods, from Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs), to In Market Buyers on the Google Display Network. Bing has followed suit with demographic targeting, and the trend seems to be continuing.

Looking beyond keywords and towards people targeting means using your audience data such as email addresses, website behaviour and more, to strategically reach consumers based on what you know about them rather than just the keywords they have typed into Google.

Facebook ads are pioneers in this trend, with a huge array of ‘people targeting’ options. You can create custom audiences using your existing email database, or even retarget users who have visited your website. You can then expand this further using lookalike audiences that take the features your audience have in common and find new audiences with similar traits.

The sheer scale of audience targeting on Facebook ads is astounding, ranging from targeting based on life events such as getting engaged or moving city, to attending an event.

As all the other PPC platforms move towards ‘people targeting’ you should be using Facebook ads to capitalise on your audience data and add a further layer of intelligence to your biddable media strategy.

The future’s bright

And by bright, I mean the bright blue you’ll see on the Facebook logo.

I’m in no way suggesting that you ditch AdWords or traditional PPC, and if anything you should be working harder at it to make the most of your search campaign budgets as competition gets even fiercer in the more established markets.

You may however want to widen your vision to include ‘people targeting’, and for many businesses (although not all), Facebook ads are a very effective way of doing this.

Hopefully this post has shown you some of the very real reasons you should be incorporating Facebook ads into your paid media strategy, and it would be great to get your views on the subject. Tweet me @Tara_Dee_West, or contact us here