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Image source: Carlos Varela

The YouTube video content strategy that keeps on giving

| 29 January 2015

Today successful brands understand the need to create an effective video content strategy, not only to engage with current customers but also to seek and entertain new audiences.

The idea of a ‘viral video’ being the focus point of a brand content strategy is slowly diminishing. With over 100 hours of content being uploaded each minute to YouTube competition is brutal. It’s the adoption of the ‘always-on’ strategy and consistency that brands need to focus on. Growth is more likely to be achieved by producing regular engaging content than fame from a one hit wonder.

Over the past year YouTube has been sharing this strategy with brands through its Hero, Hub and Hygiene approach. The framework of this strategy focuses on a three-pronged approach to creating content by where each type of content serves a distinct role;

Hero = Large-scale, ‘go-big’ moments designed to raise brand awareness

Hub = Regularly scheduled ‘push’ content designed for your prime prospect

Hygiene = Always-on ‘pull’ content designed for core target

Although this strategy does give brands the capacity to create viral content, its main emphasis is consistency and the creation of a content series that gives audiences a reason to keep coming back. Successful influencers have been adopting this strategy since the early days and communicating with their audiences via a regular posting schedule, delivering new content they look forward to and return for. 

In 2014 ASDA became the fastest growing brand channel on YouTube. The Walmart owned brand debuted their Mum’s Eye View channel to target the key female audience aged between 25-45 with young families.

The channel was fed regularly with content from a variety of well-established YouTube content creators. Within 8 weeks the channel had 750,000 views and 32,000 subscribers. 

Mum’s Eye View Key stats: (As of November 2014)

57,800+ subscribers in 6 months

2.3+ million views

24 videos

1 new video every Friday

Estimated investment in talent = £100,000 - £120,000


Cost Per Subscriber = £1.90

Cost Per View = £0.05

When you compare this to running YouTube ads where the cost per view can vary anywhere between £0.10 - £0.30p shows not only from a ROI how effective a good video content strategy is but also how much potential it has.

However the Hero, Hub and Hygiene strategy is not enough to guarantee success on it own. The key is to really understand your audience, to know what they will find entertaining and communicating content that adds real value to customers. This is what will ultimately gain traction.

Brands should also be wary of simply driving views to their content, although this may boost the view counter. If that user then drops out after 5 seconds, is that content valuable? Many brands are creating content that is so transparent in its self-serving ability that it puts customers off.

Going forward brands channels should have a solid foundation of the Hero, Hub and Hygiene to draw in viewers and turn that audience into a community.

Next week we explore opportunities outside YouTube. Detailing Facebook’s dramatic rise in video content, talking more about the statistics behind why people around the world are uploading 75% more videos to the platform than they did a year ago.