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With diverse experience in the industry, from start-ups to agencies, her thirst for knowledge and ability to learn quickly enables her to deliver engaging visual and written content for clients to support a comprehensive digital and social media strategy.

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Image source: Nicolas Nova

Twitter introduces new personas feature

| 13 July 2015

Twitter introduces personas for ad targeting

Twitter has introduced a set of personas which account to a set of audiences that advertisers can use to more easily target a group of consumers. The personas include Millennials, Professionals and Parents, and brands can choose a persona to quickly target that group of people in a campaign, with just one click. Each persona group can also be further refined, for example targeting Professionals who use iOS devices only. The personas are currently only available in the US but Twitter is looking to roll them out in other countries shortly.

Facebook algorithms to serve more relevant videos

Facebook is using Big Data to track user behaviour surrounding video consumption in a continued effort to take on YouTube as the Internet's primary video host. The social network wants to learn what video content interests each individual to make sure that the platform serves up only the most relevant videos into the news feed. The new algorithm is able to track whether users watch videos in full-screen, press un-mute or opt to watch in HD and then uses this information to serve more, similar video content. It will also use these signals to identify that the video is enjoyable in order to serve it to more people. The more relevant the content is that gets served to each individual, the more the video view count will grow for Facebook; it is now at 4 billion views per day, which is impressive considering it was at 1 billion per day in September.

Meerkat unveils Cameo

Meerkat has unveilved a new feature this week called Cameo, which enables guests to make appearances in other people’s live streams. Active livestreamers can tap on a viewer’s profile and invite them to view the stream, and then tag that person (using “Cameo @username”) to invite them to take control of the stream for up to 60 seconds from their own account and location. The guest’s Twitter followers and Facebook friends are then alerted about their appearance in the live stream. This feature marks a particularly interesting opportunity for marketers with it being very likely that we can expect to see influencers and celebrities popping up in branded livestreams.