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Image source: Jason Howie

Facebook updates buy button and Twitter changes conversation view

| 22 June 2015

Facebook Buy button

Up until now, the Facebook Buy Button was has only been available to a few e-commerce business, but now they are opening up the tool for all Shopify retailers. The button sits within brand page posts and promoted post ads, and enables users to purchase a product and complete the transaction directly from their news feeds, rather than clicking through to the retailer’s website. The update supports Facebook’s mission to give users no reason to leave the app; you can do everything you need to within its properties where it can be push its open and connected mission, whilst serving you ads.

Facebook customer response time

Facebook have been working on ways to improve customer-serviced focused features for Page administrators for a while, starting with the introduction of ‘Saved Replies’ which enables admins and community managers to respond quickly with pre-written replies. Now Facebook are rolling out response rates so that admins can see how fast they answer customers’ questions, and if the rate is high then it will also be displayed to Page visitors as an icon below the cover photo. To achieve the icon, page admin will need to meet two specific metrics over seven days and have responded to 90% of messages and maintained a response time of 5 minutes for all replies.  

Twitter conversations

Being that Twitter is primarily a tool for conversation, its recent updates to the Tweet page are long overdue, but now conversations have become much easier to follow. The platform now groups related tweets together using a line to show the order of the replies, and highlighting the most interesting exchanges, which is assessed taking into consideration whether the original tweeter replied. If you want to see more of the replies to a specific Tweet within a conversation you can click “View other replies”. The feature is already available on desktop and will be rolled out into the mobile app in the future.