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Victoria Bellamy
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Victoria is a digital marketing professional with a flair for creativity, specialising in content creation at Headstream.

With diverse experience in the industry, from start-ups to agencies, her thirst for knowledge and ability to learn quickly enables her to deliver engaging visual and written content for clients to support a comprehensive digital and social media strategy.

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Social brands - The bagged snack ranking


Partnering with The Grocer to complete this study, we were provided with the original source list of the top 25 best-selling bagged snack brands in the UK, according to the IRI. An active Facebook presence was then found for nine of the brands, and their social performance was monitored for a one month period dating from December 4th 2014 to January 4th 2015.

Within this time frame we extracted the 10 brand posts that received the highest engagement rates across the most socially active brand pages. The brands that we analysed were: Doritos, Golden Wonder, Kettle Chips, McCoys, Pom Bear, Pringles, Seabrook, Tyrrells and Walkers.

For the purpose of this report, an engagement is a like, comment or share over Facebook.

Following this we awarded one point for a like, two for a comment, and three for a share on each post – those figures based on the value of each interaction to the brand. These figures were then totaled to form the combined score shown in the below ranking.

The ranking

Below are the top performing pieces of content, from the nine most socially active brands on Facebook. Only five of the nine brands appear in the ranking:





Kettle Chips




Kettle Chips




Kettle Chips












Kettle Chips








Kettle Chips













What value does the top performing content hold?

The most engaging content posted by the chosen brands in the time period largely comes from Kettle Chips.  They dominated 50% of the top 10 most successful posts during the period.
Successful posts by Kettle within the top 10 largely feature product flavours or topically themed posts relating to Christmas and New Year. The award for the top performing piece of content across all the four bagged snack brands over the set period of time is awarded to Kettle Chips, introducing a new flavour to their range. This post is by far the most successful post of the period, with over 30k more likes and over 5000 more shares than the second most successful post. The number of likes shares and comments from the top performing posts of each brand compare as follows:

1.    Kettle Chips (35,423 likes, 1,849 comments, 5,811 shares)

Receiving over 40k engagements, the new flavour has certainly been well received by the brand community, with thousands of comments asking where they can purchase the product and expressing their excitement. This content encouraged a vast amount of positive sentiment and brand advocacy, with over 5,000 shares. This post significantly outperformed others considered in the study.

2.    Walkers (588 likes, 1,157 comments, 77 shares)

3.    Doritos (936 likes, 900 comments, 126 shares)

4.    Tyrrells (454 likes, 348 comments, 108 shares)

5.    Seabrook (283 likes, 354 comments, 32 shares)

The most successful posts by the other four brands in the study were all very similar, calling for their community members to comment on the post in order to enter a competition some of their favourite crisps. This type of competition based post seem to be successful at encouraging engagement, and all four brand’s community have certainly responded well to them, compared to other posts by the same brands.

Key findings

From the original source list of 25 brands provided, only 9 brands had an official page with content that fell within the one month monitoring period.  Some bagged snack brands had ceased posting Facebook content altogether, whilst others had consolidated their individual product pages into one brand hub page.  An example of this is Walkers who merged their Walkers Sensations page and Sun Bites page with the Walkers mother brand page in late 2014. One reason for this is that budgets for resource to manage and maintain regular Facebook content may be limited.  Alternatively it could be the fact that brands have seen their organic reach on the platform decline over the past 12 months, what many refer to as ‘Facebook Zero’.

For those bagged snack brands that have no presence on Facebook this could be due to not having the internal resource to manage a daily presence and provide a steady stream of valuable content for the platform.  If, however, they are looking to establish a presence on Facebook we would recommend that they look to budget for paid media to reach their intended audience, as moving forward it will be challenging to reach their audience organically unless the content is truly unique and valuable.

It is evident from the findings that the top 10 most engaging content featured for the bagged snack brands category is sweepstake competitions. Whilst this tactic is sure fire way to increase engagement in the short-term, brands requesting that fans comment in response to the post need to be cautious as it could affect the overall content quality score given by Facebook in the long-term.

Moving forward it would be great to see the bagged snack category invest more in quality relevant rich content that truly provides an experience for the end user that is valuable beyond the monetary value of ‘free’.  We know that there is a balance to be made between producing a steady stream of always on flow content and big investment pieces such as stock content.  Could it be that we see brands invest in simple ad content to reach consumers daily and then perhaps look at investing in quality video content that will engage the audience in an emotive way using storytelling techniques?




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