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Harnessing influencer power in the travel industry

| Jessica Gow | 15 Jun 2016
Travel brands are increasingly using influencers to create content that their target audience wants to see, read and talk about. But it's important to get the relationship right. | Read More
Travel & Leisure

Travel brands get creative with content, social and storytelling

From reuniting families to offering personal tourism advice, travel brands are getting creative with content, social and storytelling. | Read More
Travel & Leisure

Using sequential storytelling in the travel industry

Make the most of your content with sequential storytelling on Facebook. It not only raises brand awareness but can also influence potential purchases. | Read More
Travel & Leisure

Brand storytelling is important for travel brands [research]

| 29 Oct 2015
Travel is all about storytelling, isn’t it? Every trip or holiday is a story in itself – one you tell and retell through anecdotes, shared in-jokes about ‘that waiter’ and photos on Facebook. | Read More