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Content marketing and ecommerce

The role of content in ecommerce requires considerable thought. For online retailers, the challenge is finding the right balance between encouraging shoppers to consume content and/or selling. | Read More

How to make your Christmas campaign a success

| Tom Chapman | 3 Nov 2016
Christmas is now right round the corner. “But only last week it was summer!” I hear you say! - well it’s time to get a move on with your Christmas campaigns…. But when is the right time to start? It’s certainly not a Christmas Eve job. Here, I will walk you through the when’s and why’s of creating a successful Christmas campaign just at the right time. | Read More

How to create effective retail product pages

A well put-together product page can be as important as a website’s homepage, but is often overlooked by marketers. Product pages act as a substitute for a tangible object or a helpful store assistant - and have the power to make a sale, or lose a customer. | Read More

How retailers can use video content across the shopper journey

Since 2010 video content used by retail brands has increased dramatically. Shoppers who viewed product videos are 85% more likely to buy than their counterparts [Internet Retailer], and retail site visitors who view video content stay on average two minutes longer on site. They are also 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. | Read More

Should retailers become publishers?

| Tom Chapman | 27 Sep 2016
Today many brands are beginning to adopt a publishing mindset. This comes as businesses begin to reduce their reliance on advertising and invest more in content marketing which is less disruptive, more engaging and can improve relationships with shoppers. | Read More

How can retail brands use UGC at the ‘Discover’ stage of customer journey

In the ‘Discover’ phase of the customer journey, people are learning what they like about a brand, product or service. We look at how retail brands can use UGC at this critical point, to help potential customers move closer towards making a purchase. | Read More

How brand purpose can help drive your content

| 18 Aug 2016
Many brands are now trying to differentiate themselves with a ‘purpose’ in order to stand out from the crowd. We look at how such a brand purpose can influence not just a company's actions and communications, but also content creation. | Read More

Digital merchandising and content marketing: what’s the difference?

| 27 Jul 2016
What is digital merchandising? Well, it can be a bit more tricky to define than in-store merchandising which includes window displays and POS. Online, there seems to be a substantial overlap between content and digital merchandising. Where does one begin and the other end? | Read More

Using vegetables for a purpose

| 30 Jun 2016
Supermarkets have embraced the concept of publishing, producing more and more content from blogs to recipe cards. Sainsbury's is now trying its hand at butchering vegetables (yes that's right!) in order to grab some headlines, but can the supermarket turn a news story into something more? | Read More

Perfecting product descriptions

We look at how to write effective product descriptions with your content strategy in mind – and how it can be so important for fashion retail in particular. | Read More

Storytelling could get millennials spending more online [research]

| 4 Aug 2015
There’s been a lot said and written about the shopping habits of millennials – and about what retailers can do to attract younger consumers’ undoubted spending power back into their stores and e-commerce sites. | Read More

How retail brands are using brand storytelling

Life is about making memories. It’s about maxing out our time on Earth to create a bank of stories that tell our tale. Our most cherished times become imprinted in our minds forever, others slide into oblivion. | Read More

Crocs go interactive on Twitter and Facebook reveal future plans for ads

Facebook used the Cannes Lions festival to reveal future plans for ad products within the platform and showed advertisers a mock-up of how they will look. | Read More