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Video for Facebook: Getting the Basics Right

| David Craft | 9 Mar 2017
Digital video consumption is rapidly growing, with studies suggesting that the majority of mobile traffic in 2020 will come from online videos. Our social news feeds are already filled with them and brands are increasingly utilising videos to engage their target audiences. | Read More

Custom v Lookalike: Knowing your Audiences

Advertising on Facebook isn’t as simple as it used to be. With new ad products and functionalities being introduced on an almost monthly basis, the days of simply boosting a post are long gone. Instead of promoting posts straight from the brand’s timeline, most social marketers are using Facebook’s audience tools to enhance their messaging, gain cut through and make sure that the right content is being seen by the right people at the right time. | Read More

Looking at the future opportunity for voice and content

| Tom Chapman | 3 Feb 2017
We’ve all done it, asked Siri or the voice assistant on our smartphone what the weather is like today, we’ve tested its knowledge and probably got an ‘I’m sorry I don’t understand that question’ making us feel superior, or laughed at a preprogrammed ridiculous quip. Beyond these basic commands the reality is voice assistants for the majority are limited to barking common orders at our devices to ‘call now’ or ‘play Ed Sheeran on Spotify’. | Read More

2016: Our favourite moments

| Tom Chapman | 5 Jan 2017
It comes as no surprise that 76% of people feel that marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the previous 50 (Adobe, 2016). The last year has been explosive for content marketing, from the widespread adoption of ‘always on’ content, increasing popularity of video and interactive content, to the take-up of brands utilising user-generated content. Research shows that the growth in content marketing has no plans of slowing down, with spend in the UK set to rise 179.2% to £349m in 2020, from 2014 (Campaign Live, 2016). | Read More

Why we said goodbye to Twitter

| David Craft | 1 Jan 2017
When it comes to social activity, we’re all about results and doing what’s right for our clients in order to help them meet their business objectives. We’re results driven, and sometimes that means missing out on the social flavour of the month simply because it’s not suitable for the task at hand. | Read More

How to make your content stand for something

Since 2010 investment in content marketing has increased year on year, with nine in 10 organisations marketing with content. Consequently, this has resulted in audiences being bombarded by a lot of similar content from brands, (think lifestyle content). For brands to be able to cut through and capture an audience's attention, the content needs to stand for something. | Read More

Why the advertising mindset is no longer king

| Tom Chapman | 5 Sep 2016
Having a publisher mindset is fast-becoming the best way to achieve growth objectives and establish your brand within the marketplace. | Read More

How to measure the success of video content

Jessica Gow | 2 Aug 2016
Video content is now used by many brands as an integral part of their marketing strategy. But how do you measure its success, and make sure the right people are viewing your content? | Read More

Breakfast briefing: How retailers can use content to improve the digital customer experience

| Tom Chapman | 20 Jul 2016
Find out about the next London breakfast briefing in our ‘Publish or Perish’ series of events | Read More

Why Snapchat Memories could spell danger for brands

| Jessica Gow | 19 Jul 2016
Early this month Snapchat announced the arrival of its new ‘Memories’ feature, making it easier for brands to upload pre-planned visuals. But, it’s important to remember the premise of the platform, and not jump aboard for the sake of it. | Read More

Is virtual reality making content more interesting?

Branded content has been given a new lease of life, or that’s the way it seemed at the Cannes Lions Awards this year, with a piece of virtual reality work from the New York Times winning a top award. Is VR making content more interesting? | Read More

A successful Headstream breakfast briefing

| Tom Chapman | 14 Jun 2016
We've held our first breakfast briefing here at Headstream. Thanks to everyone for attending and making it a success. | Read More

How to act like a publisher

| Tom Chapman | 1 Jun 2016
It seems everyone is a publisher these days, producing more and more content. But there’s not always a plan in place to support this. Here are some tips on how you can act more like a publisher to make your content as effective as possible. | Read More