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Social brands - The bagged snack ranking

In association with The Grocer, we have compiled a ranking of the most social brands in the Bagged Snack category, and the results are in! Kettle Chips top the Chart! | Read More

Alcohol ranking: Let's raise a glass to Blossom Hill!

Alcohol ranking: Let's raise a glass to Blossom Hill! | Read More

Social Brands 100 - The FMCG ranking.

Alex Barfield | 6 Oct 2014
For this report, Social Brands 100 The FMCG Ranking, we partnered with industry experts The Grocer who provided us with our original source list of the 100 best-selling FMCG brands. | Read More

Which hot beverage brand has the hottest content?

Nescafe was the hot beverage brand to receive the highest amount of Facebook engagements on a piece of content throughout August. | Read More

Brands as a publisher: 2 FMCG brands doing it well

Tom Chapman | 30 Jul 2014
In the wake of the importance of content, brands are now competing with publishers to tell their story. Here are two FMCG brands who are doing a great job. | Read More