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How financial services brands are using content hubs in 2017

Recently we have witnessed more and more financial service businesses adopting the use of onsite ‘content hubs’. With this in mind we’ve pulled together a comprehensive review of current content hubs and their use within the financial service sector, to date. | Read More

Why protection insurance brands can’t ignore the advocacy marketing opportunity

| 14 Jul 2016
Word of mouth marketing via brand advocates is often described as a marketer's most useful opportunity. Marketers within the protection insurance industry risk losing that opportunity if they do not take on the challenge of activating their advocates via content. | Read More

How insurance companies undertake content marketing

Despite the challenges of regulation and data protection there are some insurance companies experimenting with content marketing. We look at three examples. | Read More

Retail banks struggling to attract a youth audience

| 7 Mar 2016
Retail banks need to attract young customers to their products and services to ensure the future health of their business. But our research shows they're communication strategies to target the youth audience are out of date and need revising. | Read More

Retail banks investing in content marketing

| 22 Feb 2016
Retail banks are looking to content marketing to help build customer relations and solidify trust in their institutions. We look at three different approaches. | Read More

Agile content marketing in a regulated industry

| 28 Jan 2016
Content marketing is difficult enough in the financial industry, a regulated sector where the subject matter can be complicated and sometimes rather practical. We look at how to plan your strategy despite these hurdles. | Read More