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Facebook mid-roll ads: What it means for you!

You may have heard about Facebook currently beta testing mid-roll ads in videos and Live videos in the US, but what will this mean for brands and video publishers? | Read More
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YouTube V Facebook

The rise of online video content is showing no signs of slowing down, with video expected to represent 80% of all consumer-based traffic by 2019 (Moz, 2016). YouTube may be the initial go-to platform for online distribution of your brand’s content, but this may not always be the best place to upload your new masterpiece. | Read More
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Instagram Stories - just another step closer to Snapchat?

| Jessica Gow | 5 Aug 2016
Little more than a month after Snapchat announced the release of its archiving feature ‘Memories’, photo-sharing platform Instagram has stolen the social media spotlight with the introduction of ‘Instagram Stories’. | Read More