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Victoria Bellamy
Senior Content Executive

Victoria is a digital marketing professional with a flair for creativity, specialising in content creation at Headstream.

With diverse experience in the industry, from start-ups to agencies, her thirst for knowledge and ability to learn quickly enables her to deliver engaging visual and written content for clients to support a comprehensive digital and social media strategy.

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Our reading wish-list for 2016

| 18 January 2016

On a personal level, we have usually decided what our New Year’s Resolutions are going to be by the end of December, giving us time to enjoy our last guilt-free dessert before January 1st. It’s not until we return to work a few days later that we begin to think about how we might make changes professionally in the upcoming year.

At Headstream this year, our aim is to broaden our professional horizons and find renewed inspiration by reading a number of industry relevant books.

The reading list below is made up of the recommendations from a cross-section of our agency and we hope to cultivate knowledge from all aspects of the marketing world. Join us in our quest for knowledge, inspiration and self-improvement, and let us know what you think!

George Turner - Account Director

The Wiki Man by Rory Sutherland

Despite already reading this book, The Wiki Man is the first book on my list for 2016. Devoid of simple 'how-tos' in the world of advertising, this book instead reveals a man - and a way of thinking - that's refreshing in an industry full of formulas, deep data, and endless spreadsheets. Creative problem solving is presented as just that. There are very few people in the world - let alone the ad world - who can make a reader cry with laughter while simultaneously re-wiring the way you think, but this man is one of them.

Without doubt my favourite part of the book is a hefty chapter on behavioural economics and its place in advertising; loss aversion, knowledge bias, relative value, etc. Complex theory is whittled down into practical insights and will, without doubt, change your approach to client work. I look forward to reading it again to refresh my memory and hopefully pick out some details I missed the first time.

Jessica Gow - Social Media Executive

Copywriting: Successful Writing for Design, Advertising and Marketing by Mark Shaw

Copywriting is a major part of my job and something I have a passion for, so this is the first book on my reading list. This book covers everything you need to know about writing for digital media, magazines, advertisements and branding communications. As well as real-life examples, it also features exercises to help you get to grips with copywriting for different mediums and objectives. I hope to get a real insight into the craft, from where to begin, up to best industry practices.

The Sartorialist: X (The Sartorialist Volume 3) by Scott Schuman

The second book on my reading list is less directly industry specific, but one that I hope to draw inspiration from creatively. The latest book featuring the best posts from the Sartorialist's online blog is an inspirational paperback that channels street style from around the globe. I can’t wait to flick through it on the train or over a lazy Sunday brunch.

Carol Salas - Account Manager

Everybody Writes: Your Go-to Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley

Being in contact with a lot of different social media platforms every day, I often have the feeling that a lot of people write whatever crosses their minds without even thinking if that content is relevant for someone else. Most of this content gets lost without being noticed, while only a few messages are shared by millions of people. I want to understand better how to create good content that can really interest and engage people.

Victoria Bellamy - Junior Creative

Creativity inc by Ed Catmull

As someone hoping to make a career as a creative, and with a personal interest in every movie to have come out of Pixar over the years, this book has piqued my curiosity. I hope that this will provide ideas and techniques for creative success, grounded in real life experience from the men who brought some of the most creative animations ever made. Described as ‘a manual for anyone who strives for originality’, it’s safe to say i’m sold.

Ben Parkinson - Account Manager

Creative Mischief by David Trott

I understand Creative Mischief to be part autobiography, part short story, part how-to advice and each of the entries hopes to refresh your ways of thinking about any creative process, whether it belongs to marketing, writing a book, or managing a team. I am hoping that I will be able to think back to this book, once i’ve read it, to prompt me to consider new approaches when looking for new ideas.

Here’s to some great reading this year

We're looking forward to reading a selection of these books over the coming year and finding others that we can learn from along the way. Part of working in marketing and design is about keeping up with new ideas and staying motivated, and reading is one of the ways we can stay positive and focused on doing our best. If you have any book recommendations for 2016, share them with us by sending us a tweet @Headstream.