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Laura has 10+ years experience working in social and content marketing. Fascinated with tackling business challenges through smart, effective marketing, Laura ensures all our clients are receiving superb quality work that makes a commercial difference and brings a smile to the client’s face.

Working with start-ups and FTSE100 companies and everything in between, Laura has enjoyed defining influential strategies, delivering creative work and bringing customers and brands closer together.

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Is 2015 the year to adopt Snapchat?

| 7 January 2015

Snapchat is a platform brands who target Millennials need to be paying attention to and consider as part of their content marketing tactics for 2015.

A ‘snapshot’ of snapchat 

Created in 2011 as a new and personal way to communicate on mobile, Snapchat is an ephemeral (content is short lived) photo-messaging app that has seen staggering growth in just two years. 

In 2013 the app evolved and launched “Stories” as a way to include video into its offering. This is where Snaps are threaded together to form a rolling flipbook of moments, each Snap living for 24 hours before disappearing. 

Snapchat’s innovation continued throughout 2014, seeing the release of both “Chat” and “Here” (direct messages and face-to-face video) and Our Story (location-based collaborative Story that throws users into the crowd at a certain event).  

At present, Snapchat is predominantly used by under 25’s on a daily basis but has the potential to be used by a wider demographic. 

In August 2014, snapchat user stats were reported at 100 million active monthly users globally, with 700 million photos being sent via the app per day. The sudden growth is staggering and is giving both Facebook and Twitter a run for their money.

How can you use Snapchat effectively as part of a campaign?

To successfully enter into the Snapchat space you will need to embrace content marketing and creative story telling in earnest. This is because Snapchat turns traditional marketing techniques on its head. 

For your presence in Snapchat to be felt and to stand out, you need to ensure you are using fresh and engaging content on a daily basis. You will fail to make an impact on Snapchat if you repeatedly blast the same message to your audience. Make your brand an evolving story and share authentic moments.

Brands often tie themselves up in knots with analysing the creative treatment of a campaign. Again this is something you want to stop when using Snapchat. Users will not have time to review and dissect the creative you have produced; instead your focus should be on creating an authentic way of visually communicating your key message to the right audience at the right time.

Snapchat should be supported by other online marketing channels as it’s housed entirely within the mobile app and does not receive direct online traffic. This means you will need to promote your Snapchat account information across other channels to ensure the target audience can find you. 

In 2014, most brands that used Snapchat effectively for campaigns focused on flash sale or discount offer based campaigns or “sneak peeks” / behind the scenes glimpses. Here’s a selection of our favourite Snapchat Campaigns of 2014:

Not for Profit WWF uses Snapchat to raise awareness about endangered species

WWF used the Snapchat technology to symbolize the diminishing population of different endangered species. “The emphasis of this new campaign is to underline that if we don’t take action in real life, these species will disappear for real,” WWF.

FMCG brand Dove used Snapchat for self esteem campaign

Dove is one of the first big packaged-goods brands to launch a Snapchat campaign. The Unilever brand used Snapchat as part of its annual "Self-Esteem Weekend," by sending "Snaps" on the subject and soliciting replies.

This campaign is an excellent example of how a brand has tried to connect with their key target audience (women and girls) in an environment they spend their time and feel comfortable connecting. This for us is a stand out campaign as it reaches the right audience in the right environment and the right time.

Retail brand Lacoste encourages customers to “Spot The Croc”

Lacoste used Snapchat for a competition, asking followers to find a crocodile hidden in a series of five short videos.

Each video will represent a sport such as tennis, golf, rollerblading, skateboarding and slackline. Those viewing the video will be encouraged to take a screengrab of the frame on which a crocodile appears. They are then asked to send this to Lacoste for a chance to receive a discount off their next purchase. 

Retail brand Amazon and Hollister partner on Snapchat for Black Friday

Amazon and Hollister sponsored the Black Friday event on Snapchat.  Their Black Friday ‘Our Story’ campaign was built upon / featured user generated content such as video and images, sourced from Snapchat users sharing their Black Friday experiences.