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Alex Barfield
Senior Planner

Alex is Senior Planner at Headstream. He ensures that all work takes a long-term view and is optimised based on business and client requirements. His work comprises research and insight, content strategy, data analytics and paid social.

Alex works across all Headstream clients on national and global accounts including BBC, GSK, National Trust, FatFace and Schuh.

Before joining, Alex worked at Universal Music.

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Image source: Paul Horner

Is your brand welcome in social media? [research]

| 28 August 2015

Headstream commissioned in-depth, independent research into whether brands are welcome in social media, and how keen audiences are to accept and interact with them in these spaces.

Our research revealed that many brands still have yet to work out the best way to share content on social media channels.

The number one cause of frustration was too many updates (chosen by 29% of UK adults), with a similar third of consumers (27%) citing social updates that were clearly irrelevant and not personalised to them.

Just over a quarter (28%) said that they were unhappy when brands’ social media updates were ‘too sales-y’ with a heavy focus on products. And despite the popularity of competitions and promotions among businesses using social networks, 20% of consumers were annoyed by content, such as competitions, that they considered ‘too trivial’. In fact, this was the most common cause of frustration among millennial consumers aged 18-24 and 25-34 (with 34% and 31%, respectively).

The findings suggest that although brands seem to be investing a great deal of time and effort in their social media strategies, there are still gaps when it comes to effective targeting and personalisation.