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Laura Jennings
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Laura has 10+ years experience working in social and content marketing. Fascinated with tackling business challenges through smart, effective marketing, Laura ensures all our clients are receiving superb quality work that makes a commercial difference and brings a smile to the client’s face.

Working with start-ups and FTSE100 companies and everything in between, Laura has enjoyed defining influential strategies, delivering creative work and bringing customers and brands closer together.

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5 top tips for influencer outreach.

| 10 October 2014

Here at Headstream we have worked alongside a variety of clients in different industries, using the tactic of Influencer Outreach to increase both reach and awareness of various campaigns. From festivals meet ups, to wedding bloggers, to sporting heroes; here at Headstream we have seen first-hand the noticeable gains that Influencers can bring to a brand.

However working with influencers may not be as easy as what you may think, so we have compiled some tips on how to carry out an awesome influencer outreach strategy. 

1. Make it personal

The initial email that you send to an influencer can be make or break. Personalise the email and address them by name, never and we repeat NEVER, start with Dear Blogger or Dear (insert blog name)! Your email will probably be sent straight to the trash bin. Look for their name on their blog/Twitter bio, it’s not that hard to find and makes a big difference. 

2. Be honest

Even though it may seem like you are talking to the girl next door, most successful bloggers and influencers operate in a way similar to businesses. With this in mind, be straightforward and let the influencer know exactly what you’d like to work with them on, what you expect such as deadlines and content, and give all the information you can upfront. This will help with the influencer’s decision to work with you and will help speed the process along. Also don’t pretend to be a big fan of their work if you’re not. People can see straight through that. Be honest and do your research about who you’re working with. 

3. Be flexible

Although you may have deadlines or specific content to work with on a campaign with an influencer, one thing we would recommend is to be flexible.  If you have certain things that need to be included or would like a certain link added, be upfront at the start. One way to really annoy influencers is for them to take the time to create a post/article/video for you, for it then to be re-done because it isn’t ‘perfect’. Let the influencer take their own spin on the campaign as they know their audience best, and let them have some input in the ideas for the finished result. If you like to be in control with your brands messaging then maybe working with influencers may not be the best option for you. 

4. Give them space

Unless you are working to a tight time frame, don’t expect a reply from influencers straight away. A lot of content creators for blogs/websites/video channels run them in their spare time and usually have many other things such as work and children to juggle as well. Always leave it a week before following up. If you have a tight deadline to work to, make this apparent in the first email, so they know that if they don’t reply in the time frame they will lose the opportunity to become involved in the campaign. An over pushy PR exec chasing after 24 hours, will only make influencers back away. Be organised, and make sure you give them plenty of notice so they can manage their time accordingly.

5. Show your appreciation

So your influencer has carried out their side of the bargain, always drop the influencer a note to thank them for their hard-work and effort. Maintaining those close working relationships is essential as you’ll never know when you will need them again, for work alongside your current client or any other. Also don’t forget to share the content across your brands social pages as an extra thank you, and provide the influencer with some extra coverage to drive their traffic too. Win-win.  

So there are five top tips from us at Headstream on how to work with influencers. Don’t forget though if you’d like some more advice on influencer outreach campaigns, we have a number of successful case studies under our belt and are always happy to help  email for more information!