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Alex Barfield
Senior Planner

Alex is Senior Planner at Headstream. He ensures that all work takes a long-term view and is optimised based on business and client requirements. His work comprises research and insight, content strategy, data analytics and paid social.

Alex works across all Headstream clients on national and global accounts including BBC, GSK, National Trust, FatFace and Schuh.

Before joining, Alex worked at Universal Music.

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5 great ways to get more views on YouTube.

| 14 November 2014

1. It’s All About The Content

Before you even make your videos, think about what would be popular. Look at brands or channels that are similar to yours and see what content is most popular on their channel. If you share a similar audience you can see what they enjoy watching and take some inspiration for your videos! Creating riveting, interesting content means that more people will be drawn in to watch it bringing in more views. 

2. Being Relevant 

Think about topics that are relevant right now. For example if you are a beauty brand/channel, think about celebrities, TV shows and film releases. X Factor tutorials are prominent as well as those with currently popular celebrity based content. Think about what people would search for, creating relevant content means it will only be popular at this moment in time. Although it may not still be grabbing the views in months to come, creating timely content is a quick way to maximise views right now!

3. Create An Exciting Title

When naming your videos, think of exciting titles that will entice people in. We always think about what people would look for in the search bar. For example, if we were producing a video on content marketing, we would perhaps call it ‘What Is Content Marketing?’ If you’re not sure what to title your video, type a few options in the search bar and see how popular they are. Naming it after similar videos with lots of hits will match the search terms that people are searching for. This will also work in search engines such as Google, it’s all about basic SEO when naming videos! Don’t forget your keywords when editing videos on YouTube, add phrases that will come up in the search bar to make your video easier to find on YouTube!

4. Entice Them With A Thumbnail

Create an interesting thumbnail for your video, make sure the picture describes what the video is and try to have clear title text on the image. A thumbnail may not seem like it would make a difference to views, but surprisingly an attractive image will maximise your views!

5. Shout Out About It

Don’t just put a video on YouTube and expect people to find it! Shout out about it on your other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. In fact promote your video on any of your social platforms, as you’ll want the maximum amount of people to jump across to watch it. Also schedule some tweets/Facebook posts to appear throughout the day the video has been uploaded so that people don't miss your initial video post! Don’t be shy to shout out about your videos, it’s all about self promotion!

There are your quick tips to increase views on your channel, of course they won’t trickle in overnight but completing these simple steps will pay off over time! YouTube may seem like a daunting platform to embark onto but trust us, if you get it right, it pays off!