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Content Celebrities: The Rise of Vloggers

2 September 2014

As well as YouTube becoming increasingly popular, the content that is uploaded onto the platform is transforming creators into celebrities. 

Vloggers as they are called, are content editors. With a variety of video genres from gaming to beauty, there are videos to suit every interest. With vloggers creating videos each week, over time they have built loyal fan bases and now some even boast subscriber numbers in to the millions. Vloggers have become internet celebrities, with loyal fan bases all over the social world, they are now invited to events such as film premieres, and even hold meet ups at specialist YouTube conventions. 

So just why are some of these bloggers becoming so popular? First of all they are creating content that their audience are tuned in to, and have a strong personal brand: themselves. They offer their fans regular content, post behind the scenes access to their daily lives (vlogs) and provide viewers with an insight into them which is relatable and makes the vlogger feel more like a friend than a random person sitting making videos in their bedroom. Most of the elite vloggers are twenty-something, and relate to fellow millennials. They’re chatty, down to earth and look normal. They may not all be supermodels, some may have bad cases of acne but this is what makes them even more popular. They are just like you and me. 

However is the bridge now becoming wider between the audience and vloggers? With some of the most popular YouTube creators boasting an astonishing amount of subscribers. PewdePie a gaming vlogger wins the award for the most subscribed YouTube channel of 30 million subs (as of Sept 2014) with other notable bloggers such as UK beauty blogger Zoella who has over 5.8 million subs (Sept 2014) and it’s not just fans who can’t get enough of vloggers; brands are fighting over them too. 

Vloggers are great for brands, and we of course understand that at Headstream. We have worked with many of our clients on influencer outreach campaigns which have always provided great results. Brands are desperate to have their products featured in vlogs, with their main stars being trustworthy and relatable due to their normal lifestyles and due to how much they bear their life to YouTube. You can see why too, with one video being able to reach a vast audience and have a high engagement rate, it’s a great way to get your brand ‘out there’. 

A recent survey of teenagers in the US found that out of their top twenty most favourite celebrities due to reliability and influencer, ten were YouTube creators. In fact the top five most popular were all from YouTube, knocking traditional celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence much further down the list. What vloggers do so well is embrace the ‘girl next door’ persona, they have found the sweet spot of allowing audiences to imagine themselves being friends with them, yet still aspiring to be, act, look like them. 

It may seem a crazy world to some people who may not ‘get’ the world of vlogging, but with stats such as YouTube being the no.1 platforms for 16-24’s, it’s a great place to house any content aimed at the millennial demographic. What will happen in the future? We’re not sure. With the rapid rate of YouTube’s success it’s hard to tell whether the platform alongside its stars will continue to get bigger, or if the audience will move onto other things. Vloggers may actually turn into traditional celebrities that are household names for the whole family, and not just to the teens. However right now we’re in the present and we can tell you that at this moment in time if YouTube is somewhere that you haven’t already ventured with your brand; you’re missing a trick. 

Look out for our posts to come on influencer outreach and how to make YouTube work for your brand.