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Brands as a publisher: 2 FMCG brands doing it well

30 July 2014

The merging of technology with story-telling and marketing was first executed by global super brands such as Red Bull, Coca Cola and Virgin; leading Mashable to since describe Red Bull as, ‘a publishing empire that also happens to sell a beverage’

Soon enough digital newsrooms began to be built surrounding big names, with these brands successfully expanding their markets through their strategic processes of content marketing. Notably, this movement managed to manifest itself before ‘content marketing’ became the buzz word it is today, but since the trend several more brands have followed in their footsteps.


Amongst video tutorials on how to pour the perfect pint and an informative Guinness timeline which nearly spans three centuries, Guinness commissioned a 16 page report to be carried out to research into the science behind male bonding. Leading psychologist, Professor Dunbar of Oxford University found that men are in fact healthier as a result of meeting up a couple of times a week and engaging in activities with their mates; whether that be playing sport or surprisingly, going for a pint.

Finally a piece of research all mankind have been waiting for and all husbands can use to support their need to go to the pub!


On top of daily video diaries, recipes, blog and even a digital encyclopaedia titled ‘Coffeepedia’, premium Italian coffee maker illy have also made strides towards become a publisher, often hand over the pen to their consumers. One example of this would be art, culture and lifestyle magazine, comprised by their global network; illywords. The magazine unites the overlapping territories of coffee shops and great thinking, featuring thought-provoking articles and illustrations carried out by students at the world premier schools of art and design. This publication is now not only distributed at illy events and stores, but has managed to work its way into some of the world’s finest museums and bookshops.





We have a wealth of experience in the FMCG sector.


Dole employed Headstream to support its marketing activities to promote Dole Baby. Creating and distributing content to promote its ‘perfect match’ app, we worked with partner brands to secure coverage with an ROI of 1,200%.

The Collective

Using our customer journey framework, we worked with New Zealand yoghurt company The Collective Dairy to help them develop their social media strategy, identifying priority areas and recommending resource structure.


We work with Maxinutrition leading on social specific content, community management and paid social. Our work on the account is fast-paced, fun and delivers excellent results with over 50% of all traffic coming from social.

SAB Miller

SAB Miller employed Headstream to help them explore the dynamics of reputation management in context of social media and the connected consumer, and identified how it impacted their crisis response teams and different brands.


Headstream worked with Shloer to kickstart their social media activity. Creating valuable content for existing consumers, as well as educating potential new consumers, Shloer’s social profiles acted as their lifestyle content hub.


We helped WKD join the banter on social media. Through the creation of cheeky visual content we built a thriving Facebook community supported by paid social media, all whilst working toward the Portman Group's guidelines. Good times.