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Brands as a publisher: 2 retail brands doing it well

| 15 April 2015

The merging of technology with story-telling and marketing was first executed by global super brands such as Red Bull, Coca Cola and Virgin; leading Mashable to since describe Red Bull as, ‘a publishing empire that also happens to sell a beverage’

Soon enough digital newsrooms began to be built surrounding big names, with these brands successfully expanding their markets through their strategic processes of content marketing. Notably, this movement managed to manifest itself before ‘content marketing’ became the buzz word it is today, but since the trend several more brands have followed in their footsteps.


On top of a partnering with British gourmet chef Heston Blumenthal, publishing a weekly newspaper, a monthly magazine and launching a new channel 4 show ‘Weekend Kitchen’, Waitrose add another string to their bow last year when they became the publisher of The Good Food Guide.

The purchase of Britain’s best-selling restaurant guide – in website and the print form - allows the retailer to continue their efforts at being recognised as the experts in their field, putting their name on all things food and launching a new era for both the restaurant guide and supermarket alike.


Online luxury retailer Net-a-porter prides themselves on being ‘the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination’ and launched its first hard publication earlier this year at NY fashion week, in the form of a glossy magazine titled Porter.

With a digital version to supplement, the magazine doesn’t look dissimilar to all the other competing high end subscriptions, bar for the fact all items showcased in the magazine can be purchased off their website.

In addition, readers with the Net-a-porter app are able to snap an item featured in the magazine, which will direct shoppers to the online store. This development goes further than their initial weekly digital contribution

The Edit, and was born out of research that showed fashion-concerned women prefer to browse whilst flicking through the pages of a glossy magazine than scrolling online, despite that being the arena where 60% of purchases take place.

With this new contribution, Net-a-porter have managed to successfully combine the two.




We have a wealth of experience in the Retail sector.


Developing a content strategy for B&Q's mobile app included us developing customer profiles and journeys to identify which content would be most valuable to different people at specific parts of their DIY journey.


We have been working with GAP for a number of years, supporting with social community management in France. Working closely with their campaigns and customer service teams we ensure all messages are maximised within the communities.

New Look

To raise awareness of myLook with its core fashion audience, and encourage membership enquiries, we engaged 20 key fashion influencers. The influencers engaged created a variety of pieces of content, helping raise awareness of myLook.


In order to understand where to focus their content and social media efforts for 2015/2016, Schuh asked us to audit their digital activity. Recommendations have formed the heart of a social and content strategy.


From delivering over 5,000% ROI on paid social campaigns, to creating fun lifestyle content for their social channels, and engaging with their community both in the UK and US - we love working with FatFace.


We recently worked with Screwfix in developing a YouTube strategy. Taking the Hero, Hub and Hygiene approach we identified areas for them to develop, including serial-content ideas which they are now bringing to life!