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Laura Jennings
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Laura has 10+ years experience working in social and content marketing. Fascinated with tackling business challenges through smart, effective marketing, Laura ensures all our clients are receiving superb quality work that makes a commercial difference and brings a smile to the client’s face.

Working with start-ups and FTSE100 companies and everything in between, Laura has enjoyed defining influential strategies, delivering creative work and bringing customers and brands closer together.

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Image source: Anthony Quintano

6 Innovative Social Video Campaigns

| 27 May 2015

Do you ever wonder how much easier life might be if we could use more than 10% of our brains? That’s 90% wasted capacity that for some inexplicable evolutionary reason, we can’t yet utilize. Bombarded with words and saturated with data, I could seriously use a little of that spare space.

I question whether technology is evolving faster than our minds, so that we've become adept at surfing and sifting. All too frequently information goes in one ear and out of the other. There's simply too much of it for our poor squeezed brains to take on-board. That leaves marketers with a quandary. How to get your voice heard in an increasingly noisy world.

Seeing is believing

Time to turn to an old adage: "Actions Speak Louder than Words." Let's face it, anyone can say anything, so why would someone trust a brand that tells them they're the best? Seeing is believing, so it's time to show us why you're the best.

Videos can transmit lots of information quickly, selling a virtual vision in a way that words just can’t. Use them to guide and entertain, engage and interact. For example, you can cleverly mask product-pushing through tutorials or "how-to" guides. If you host an event you can show exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. When you launch a new product or service you can tease with videos of what it might be.

The stats say it all:

100 million people watch Vines videos every month

12 million Vines are uploaded to Twitter daily

- Using the word "video" in e-mail subject lines boost open rates 19% and click-through rates 65%

- Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%

Posts with videos attract three times as many inbound links as plain text posts

Lights, Camera, Action

Making and sharing videos has never been easier. Instagram and Snapchat allow users to quickly produce clips that can be shared instantly with followers. Vine videos can be posted across social media. The launch of Periscope and Meerkat means videos can even be recorded and shared live on Twitter feeds, making customers and fans feel part of the action.

Videos can bring your brand to life, humanize it, and trigger emotion from customers. Use them to add value, cement expertise and build trust. Below are six fabulous examples of where brands have used social video to add value and make their customers smile:

Dominoes: #DomiNoDriver

Pizza delivery without a driver? This UK pizza company made the unbelievable, believable, by creating a Vine video showing how it can do just that. The video brought the quirky technology to life and was a sure-fire way to get fans sharing and talking across social media, including Twitter.

Tide: Tide Keepsies

This laundry detergent maker creates Vine videos on how to turn empty liquid bottles into fun and useful household items. The videos are splattered across social media, but Tide doesn’t give too much away. Instead the clips are short and sweet and you have to move onto its Pinterest pages for the step-by-step tutorials. I particularly love the giraffe hanging planter.


Oreo has managed to turn its cookie into a cartoon character through this brand’s fantastic use of Instagram videos. Its clips are funny, entertaining and original and you can’t resist watching them for a smile. In one video it teases fans to see how long they will watch until the cookie is dunked. Some followers stuck it out for three – whole - minutes.

Taco Bell: Rush Order

The fast food outlet built-up a story and fed it to Snapchat users over 24-hours. The story gradually unfolded through a series of real-time snaps that linked together to create a six minute video that culminated with the launch of its chicken doritos at the MTV Movie Awards.  Building a story and using major events is a great way to tease and entice.


Lululemon puts product-pushing aside to help customers get the most out of their active-wear by posting fantastic videos to Instagram of yoga poses and tutorials. It uses videos to sell a vision of wellbeing and contentment that people will then subconsciously associate with the brand.

Red Bull

The energy drink maker put newly launched Periscope to the test during Miami Music Week, when it streamed real-time videos of events happening at the Red Bull Guest House. The videos gave fans a glimpse behind-the-scenes, providing them with something unique and entertaining and making them feel part of the fun. At the same time, it helped to imprint Red Bull into the forefronts of people's minds.